Un pasado por delante / The Past Ahead

THE PAST AHEAD, starring Tamar Novas (“El desorden que dejas”, “Fariña”, “Mar adentro”), Marta Nieto (“Tres”, “Madre”, “Feria”) and the young talent Mario Santos (“Alba”, “Cuéntame cómo pasó”) is Olga Osorio’s feature film debut, with a script written by Osorio herself and Araceli Gonda (“Hierro”), which will hit theaters on September 1st, distributed by A Contracorriente Films.

THE PAST AHEAD is an imaginative and touching adventure and an original bet for family entertainment. Óscar and Teo (13 and 10 years old) are two brothers, very different from each other, who live in a modest neighborhood apartment. It is the summer of 1989. Teo is a soccer player and a bit naughty, Oscar a know-it-all who prefers to spend his summer afternoons studying the theory of relativity. In reality, they each deal in their own way with the disappearance of their mother, a promising scientist obsessed with wormholes.

Production company

Vaca Films


A Contracorriente

Release date

Setember 2023, 1st

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